Flames of War - Marder (7.62cm) Tank Hunter Platoon (X4) - German - GBX110 
Warlord Games Bolt Action German Grenadiers
Newhon Lankhmar Adventure LNA2 for AD&D 2nd Edition TSR 9305
28mm WW2 Soviet T-34 85 Tank Painted to a Professional Standard
20mm napoleonic italian - infantry plastic 36 figs painted - inf (7980)
25mm napoleonic spanish - 2 buildings figs for scale scenics - scenics (21919)
Padded Mittens With Leather Finger Grip, Ideal for Re-enactment or LARP
Games Workshop Warhammer Hobgoblins Champion Hero Boss NIB Chaos Dwarves New OOP
Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor - Warhammer 40k - Games Workshop - Unopened
DLA1 Dragonlance Dragon Dawn Adventure Module Dungeon and AD&D TSR Roleplay 9275
WGP16 - Warlord Games 28mm Pike & Shott - NEW MODEL ARMY - 29 figures
1985 Gothic Horror CC1 Arctic Explorer Call of Cthulhu Citadel Cthulu Artic GW
Guild Ball Miniatures Game - The Ratcatchers Guild - Paying the Piper
AD&D Sages and Specialists TSR Inc. 2146
Super Detailed Hobby Brush - Army Painter Detail
Large Pink Flower Tufts - Model Scenery Static Grass Warhammer Wargame Railway
Dungeon Saga The Return of Valandor (Mantic figures DS03) free post

Fulbright Teacher, Mr. Joseph

3x3 - Lunar Lands - Battle Mat Grid lines Wargames RPG DnD Dungeons and Dragons
Pathfinder RPG - Hells Rebels Adventure 6 - Breaking the Bones of Hell
5th Edition RPG - Wrath River King - Softcover Book
Team Yankee - Amx-10 Rc Recce Platoon - NATO - TFBX05

In the Spotlight

Perry Miniatures French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry 1808-1815 28mm Cavalry  
Lord of the Rings Uglúk and Vraskû Hauptleute Der Uruk-Hai Games Workshop Hdr Please look at all the events from Local District NorthEast Website
Attached is the District's Suicide Prevention Policy
Tales of magic & miracles Pendragon king arthur arthurian RPG book green knight
Bandua Wargames Infinity Dice Tower Military Orders Dice Tower Cube Tower

News & Announcements


If Millikan Middle School is your neighborhood middle school and you plan to enroll your student at Millikan for the sixth grade, you are invited to bring your student to take the Accelerated Math Placement Test on June 11, 2019 in the school library. Placement in the Highly Accelerated Math Pathway is based on multiple criteria including a placement exam. If you wish to have your child considered for placement in the Highly Accelerated Math Pathway, please sign up for the exam using the link below.
Click on Headline to signup...
Questions still? Contact our Principal Ms. Drew

15mm napoleonic austrian - 2 regts. 28 figures - inf (28604)

The 8th Grade dance pictures are now available for purchase. Each photo is only $5.00. All proceeds go directly back to our Millikan Middle School Affiliated Charter & Performing Arts Magnet 8th grade fund. Please go to the attached link if you are interested in purchasing your photos. Click on title to order...

Measure EE

To provide additional locally-controlled school funding, the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education voted unanimously to place Measure EE, a 16 cent per square foot parcel tax, on the ballot in a special local school funding election on June 4, 2019. Click Headline for more information.

Yearbook Sale Online

Purchase your Yearbook for the year 2018-2019 online today. Click on the the title above and use code:11143619

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New Lord of the Rings Warhammer Hobbit Dark Marshal Ringwraith Foot Mounted 9